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Our Administration Services

We can assist you with:

The Alan Skerritt Consultancy provides an integrated range of services for

Self Managed Superannuation Funds.


  • Fund Establishment - including the Fund's Trust Deed


  • Replacement Trust Deed - for established Superannuation Funds


  • Pension Establishment and Maintenance

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Detailed Breakdown of our Administration Services

The Alan Skerritt Consultancy

                   Specialists in Superannuation


We are an independent family owned business that has specialised in Self Managed Superannuation (SMSF) for more than 30 years.


Other Services we provide:

From $1760 (incl GST)

The detailed break-up of our administration service:

Maintain the Fund records on a regular on-going basis including:-

  • Cash book posting and bank reconciliations
  • Revaluation of share and unit trust investments
  • The receipt of interest, dividends and rent from Fund's investments and deposit to the Fund's Cash Management or bank account
  • The receipt of contributions from employers or Fund members on any reasonable basis required (yearly, half yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly - whichever is appropriate) and the deposit to the Fund’s Cash Management or bank account
  • The payment of all expenses from Fund accounts **
  • Lodgement of tax file number notifications and dividend/interest payment instructions for all of the Fund's investments

 Where applicable, regular pension payments and the preparation of associated  taxation forms and returns.

 Prepare necessary Minutes of Trustee Meetings and Resolutions.

Prepare Annual financial statements, including Profit & Loss accounts, Statement of Financial Position and Member Statements.

Prepare and arrange lodgement of Self Managed Superannuation Fund Annual Return for the ATO.

Arrange an independent audit of the accounts.

Ensure that all Returns are signed by Trustees and lodged by the prescribed dates. *

Arrange payment of taxes and fees by the prescribed dates. **

Maintain individual member accounts and the allocation of contributions and net Fund earnings and charges to such accounts.

Prepare Member benefits statement, which contains Member’s tax components and breakup of preserved and unpreserved balances.

Prepare detailed investments reports with year-end market valuation reports.

Prepare additional unaudited Balance Sheets and Revenue accounts at the Trustees' request during the financial year for the fee applicable at the time.

Ensure compliance with Superannuation Industry Supervision (SIS) Act and Regulations.*

* This is conditional on Trustees providing, to The Alan Skerritt Consultancy, full

   information and responding in a timely manner to requests for information,

   receipt of cheques and completion of documents.

** We do not hold cheque signing rights on Superannuation fund accounts.



The Alan Skerritt Consultancy

Windsor Holdings Pty Ltd  (ACN 010 018 041 ABN 12 862 040 559)

(Incorporated in Queensland)  Trustee


Summary of our

Administration Services

The Alan Skerritt Consultancy provides Superannuation Fund Trustees with a complete administration and compliance service.  This includes:


  • Progressive management of Superannuation records


  • Full annual financial reporting


  • Arranging audit


  • Compliance


  • SMSF Annual Return to ATO