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Initial Costs


Fund Establishment


  • $660 (including GST) for Individual Trustees
  • $1320 (including GST) for Corporate Trustee

This fee is for the preparation of the fund’s trust deed and the registration of the fund with the taxation office, as well as other tasks associated with the start up of your SMSF.

 See Our Services – Fund Establishment to see what is included in this fee.

Replacement Trust Deeds


$660 (including GST)


It is prudent to update your fund’s Trust Deed periodically to take account of updated legislation, such as:


  • Changed pension definitions
  • Payment of death benefits
  • Insurance,
  • Beneficiary nominations.
  • Investment rules


 SMSF Fee Types

Other Fees - Irregular

Other Costs


Other potential fees that may be payable by your SMSF are:

  • Fees paid for advice – investment and/or strategic.
  • Brokerage fees for share trades
  • Application fees for other investment placement

 Pension Fees - On Commencement and Potentially Ongoing

Fees will be incurred on commencement of a pension within your SMSF, as this change must be documented by minutes etc. The start of a pension may also require your fund to obtain an actuarial certificate. Depending on the fund’s membership and circumstances, an actuarial certificate may be required annually.

SMSF Fees - Ongoing

The Alan Skerritt Consultancy

                   Specialists in Superannuation


We are an independent family owned business that has specialised in Self Managed Superannuation (SMSF) for more than 30 years.


Other Fees: Ongoing and/or Irregular                

 Ongoing Costs


Annual Administration Fees


  • From $1760 (incl GST)
  • Typical Fee is $2200 - $2530 (incl GST)

 Our fees are not based on a percentage of fund assets. However we do vary our annual administration fees based on 3 factors – volume of activity, number of assets held and complexity of transactions. So, if you have a fairly stable asset base, you will not incur the same level of fees that a fund that conducts a large volume of share trades and/or holds many and varied assets that are complex to deal with.

I would recommend contacting our office and we can advise you of the relevant administration fee for your fund.

See Our Services – Administration to see what is included in our fees.

 Audit Fees

 A SMSF is required annually to prepare audited accounts to report to fund members. The fund is also required to lodge a Fund Income Tax and Regulatory Return with the tax office each year. The amount of the audit fee varies, depending on the volume and complexity of the fund transactions. A typical audit fee would range from $330 to $660, but could be higher depending on the fund circumstances, i.e. fund assets, complexity etc.


ATO Supervisory Levy

 The ATO requires a Supervisory levy to be paid annually on lodgement of the Fund Income Tax and Regulatory Return. Currently this fee is $200.00.


Fee Types


Fees for a SMSF can be divided into:


  • initial set-up costs,
  • ongoing costs, and
  • irregular costs.